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Six Eyes Dzi Bead Properties, Symbolism and Powers

The six eyes dzi bead represents luck, control, health and a long life, and is known throughout Buddhism as the ''Talisman of Luck''. The six-eyes dzi bead restores your emotional strength, helping you to gain more control over these six emotions - anger, dismay, mindlessness, aggression, ignorance and sadness. Which in turn radically increases your mental fortitude and physical strength. This dzi bead will also present the opportunity for you to witness and realize destiny. And as destiny manifests before you, renewed positive energy will flow throughout your body and mind.

The six-eyes dzi bead is also connected to one of the major Tibetan mantras - "Om Mani Padme Hum". And when wearing this amulet while chanting this mantra, it will greatly magnify your luck and mystically cleanses your karma.

Buddhists believe that this dzi bead can help you to achieve these six good deeds - mercy, discipline, calmness, zeal, meditation, wisdom and cross the ocean of sufferings to reside in the pure lands paradise. This bead may also appear in the pattern of dragon eyes or a Vajra, which will strengthen your protection, inner power, and help you to overcome difficult obstacles.

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